Prana Project 12.0 Initial Concept / First Draft

Posted on June 18, 2013

 A sequential project investigating and evidencing Prana*, as understood through the Vedic texts and as integrated with my personal yoga practice. Exploring through video and interactive techniques the exchanges of, transformation of and influence of Prana in time, in life and in the natural world. I propose to use different mediums to document these explorations of Prana in series.

I believe a twelve part series would relate to the moon stages of a year’s calendar as the Pranic progression or sequence is always relative to the cycle of the sun and the moon.  I would base the series to be created within the different moon phases of the year project.  Each series investigating a specific evolution of prana within time.

Prana 1            A series of time-lapse videos that include the transformation of a plant in relation to Prana; phases of a blossom in its expansions and contractions as it progresses to full bloom. The contractions directly show the pranic life force of the flower.It’s opening is a sequence with its own ebb and flow. An undeniable inner life force is pulsating through the plant. The Vedas describe this vibration, the pulsation of prana in great detail. The very language of Sanskrit has seed words or “bij” syllables that as “mantras” (repetitions) call up certain resonances of prana. Building the series on mantra and repetition but still finding the arching resonance of prana by using and transforming ambient sound.

Garden documentation of the pranic cycle of plants and expanding each month on this trajectory. Each phase of this project will inform the next. Six initial concepts for exploration within the Prana project:

Prana 1.1            Germination of Prana

Prana 1.2            Lunar Cycle + Micro and Macro

Prana 1.3            Male + Female / Lunar and Solar Union of Prana + Sex

Prana 1.4            Geometry of the Pranic Cycles | Mandala + Fractal

Prana 1.5            Elements + Prana: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Ether |

Prana 1.6            Social Experiment : Human Prana + Consciousness

I have wanted to find ways to feel immersed in a projection – how the video might envelope you and all sides and have been exploring different ways this video “womb” might be created. Prana in us and us in prana. A space where participant/viewer binary is a primal site experience. Construction of a video-tent installation for Currents International New Media Festival 2013 with a projection on a high resolution fabricated “camping tent” is a prototype for this kind of environment. The viewer then vacations within the world of the video, providing a full-bodied and hypnotic experience.

Essential research would include the Vedic text “Spandakarika” as translated by Daniel Odier. Also basic yogic texts such as Patanjali’s ‘Yoga Sutras’, the ‘Mahamudra texts’, to the writing of Krishnamacharya (19th C. yogi).  Research to include an exploration of interactive video art, multi-media installations, and “social” art. Inspired by the great ancient geometry of India, Louis Bourgois, Marina Abramavic and Ai Wei Wei. A recent intensive with Shiva Rae, PhD, in Prana Flow Yoga will certainly be a resource as well as my continued daily yoga practice.

Using video as my primary medium while allowing certain series to explore site specific installations, self documentation, flash mobs, digital image walls; allowing other mediums to emerge.

Through Transart Institute I look forward to guidance in expanding my understanding of the global cultural art scene of which Berlin is a living center; the exchange of ideas with international professors and students and the opportunity and context with which develop a succinct and subtle language for my work.

Footnote: *Prana (, prā•ṇa).1913. [Skr.=breath of life] Oxford Dictionary Universal Dictionary 1933